Edyoda Python Certification Program 2020 | Any Graduate

Edyoda Python Certification Program 2020
Edyoda Python Certification Program 2020


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Edyoda Python Certification Program 2020 : To become a proficient python-django developer, one should have strong knowledge of Python programming, database integrations with python, web frameworks like django and understanding of cloud deployment. This program will help you to build these skills from scratch and you can make a career as Python-Django Developer

Edyoda Python Certification Program 2020 Details :

Python :

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level and very easy to learn programming language. Building a solid understanding of basic as well as advanced concepts of python is the first step towards becoming a proficient python-django developer. In this module, you will learn basics to advanced concepts of python programming.

Database :

Database is a structured set of data stored in computer systems. Whereas, Database Management Systems (DBMS) are a set of programs used to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on databases. In this module, you will learn about relational and non-relational databases, how to perform CRUD operations using python and much more.

Django :

Django is an open-source server-side framework used to build a scalable server-side application using Python. In this module, you will learn to build a server-side application using Django from scratch. You will also learn about the different components of a server-side web application and interactions between those components.

Django Rest Framework :

REST API is an interface which enables communication between two Software Components over HTTP. In this module you will learn to build a REST API interface using Django REST Framework and more.

Cloud Deployment :

Organizations are embracing the power of the cloud to deploy the web applications, making it an essential component of python-django developer journey. In this module, you will learn to configure the web server and application server. Also, you will learn to deploy a Django web application on AWS.

Projects :

So far you have learnt many new skills and now you have a much better understanding of how things work. Time to make it official, in this module you will work on real-time projects and gain proficiency in your newly learnt skills.

Assessment :

Assessment is one of the ways to validate your expertise, to ensure that you have got what it takes. EdYoda Assessments are designed by industry experts, this assessment will check all the aspects of the domain against your knowledge. Take up the assessment, test your skills and get ready to showcase your skills to the world.

Interview Preparation :

Interviews are scary, they make you nervous, anxious and worried. We know how you feel, that is why our experts have designed a thorough journey to ensure that you feel READY on the interview day. In this module, you will receive counselling sessions on resume building and interview preparation.

Get Hired :

This is it, you have worked really hard for this day. We wish you ALL THE BEST. Now it’s time to appear for interviews and get your offer letter from our hiring partners.

How to Apply for Edyoda Python Certification Program :

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Note : Must Take Assessment Test to Avail up to 75% Offer ( Rs 550 Only ) One time Offer

Note : If You are Poor family, While Apply this Course Select Payment mode ” Income Share Agreement”